Handmade soap with olive oil – Cold processing

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Handmade cold-worked olive oil soap



A brief history of soap

The history of soap has its roots in ancient times. The oldest artefact about soap was found in Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) and dates back to around 2800 BC: it consists of some terracotta amphorae containing a substance similar to soap. Even our Roman ancestors knew about it: Pliny the Elder wrote about the “sapo” in his “Historia naturalis” describing a soap recipe obtained from ash and lard. The greatest contributors to the creation of modern soap were the Arabs who regularly produced soap from olive oil and laurel. They were the first to use soda (contained in the ashes of particular plants), thus making them the inventors of modern soap. The development of soap originated in the Aleppo area, where crops of olive and laurel plants were abundant. From these raw materials, the Arabs obtained a very fine, scented, and coloured soap that quickly spread throughout the Arab world. After 800 AD, on the wave of Arab expansion in Europe, these products were known throughout the Mediterranean basin, including Spain and Sicily. The first soap factories in Europe were established in the XII century in Castile (Spain) and in Italy (Savona, Venice), followed by France (Marseille).

Product description

Soap with olive oil is ideal for cosmetics as it cleanses, nourishes, cares, softens the skin, allowing it to breathe. It also protects the skin, covering it with a protective veil. It does not contain surfactants, thus preserving its antioxidant and anti-radical effects.

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100gr, 3×100 gr.


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