The “Monocultivar Taggiasco” extravirgin olive oil


The “Monocultivar (single variety) Taggiasco” extravirgin olive oil is obtained from the best Taggiasca olives harvested in western Liguria. This variety produces an extra virgin olive oil with a warm gold colour, a sweet and delicate flavour with the fragrance of dense and persistent aromas. This oil marries well with any type of dish. It is cold pressed in our Alfa Laval continuous cycle crusher.

Production year : 2019-2020

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Sensory profile

To the nose, the oil opens to medium light, fresh fruity aromas, hinting to olives not fully ripe and rich in antioxidants. The hints of almond and fresh herbs are equally clear. On the palate, the oil is soft and velvety, with noticeable hints of artichoke. A slightly bitter note may also be perceived progressively, but only at the end. Its slightly spicy note is very pleasant.

Recommended use

The extra virgin olive oil obtained from “Taggiasca” olives is extremely suitable for multiple uses, given its versatility in enhancing the flavours of the food to which it is added. With a hint of artichoke, sweet and balanced flavour, and light almond taste, this oil combines perfectly with raw and cooked meat and vegetables as well as boiled or grilled fish.

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Weight 1200 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 33 cm
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