Anchovies in olive oil – Glass jar gr. 200/130


Anchovies in olive oil in a glass jar of gr. 200/130



Product description

These carefully selected anchovies are washed and sealed in salt immediately after catching. Once they have reached the correct degree of seasoning, they are boned and arranged one by one in small jars covered with good olive oil.
These anchovies are not pasteurized. The fillet maintains its exquisitely fresh and fleshy flavour, ready for immediate use in your favourite dishes.


Ideal for the preparation of snacks and appetizers and for seasoning vegetables and pasta. Some typical recipes include the “Ligurian Sardenaira” (pizza), the “machettu” (anchovy cream), and the “bagna caòda”.

Additional information

Weight 0.540 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 25 cm


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