The “La Ginestra” extravirgin olive oil

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The “La Ginestra” extravirgin olive oil is produced at the end of the harvest season, when the fruit is fully ripe. The oil is characterized by a remarkable flavour, with an almond aftertaste and spicy notes. This extra virgin is cold pressed in our Alfa Laval continuous cycle crusher.



Sensory profile *

The “La Ginestra” extra virgin olive oil is characterized by a yellow-green colour with golden reflections. With a medium, fruity, balanced, slightly spicy flavour, this oil combines hints of fresh herbs and almond with light notes of artichoke and wild thistle. A spicy note can also be perceived at the end due to the oil’s high content in polyphenols and chlorophylls.

* this sensory profile can help you in choosing the product according to your tastes. It is to be considered indicative and could vary from year to year.

Recommended use

This oil is suitable for use raw to dress salads, soups, bruschette, and for cooking. It is also ideal for frying since it does not overwhelm the flavours of your food. It also goes very well with steamed or marinated blue fish and aged cheeses. This is also great for seasoning vegetables, thanks to its non-invasive and extremely pleasant taste.

Nutrition Facts
Servings size: 100 g
Calories899 Kcal / 3.762 kj
Total Fat99,90 g
    saturated Fat14,46 g
Total Carbohydrate0,00 g
    sugars0,00 g
Protein0,00 g
Salt0,00 g

Additional information

Weight1,450 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 33 cm

5 lt, 3 lt, 0,75 lt, 0,1 lt

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