The Habanero and Aji Amarillo Chili Peppers Flavoured Olive Oil – Medium Spicy

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This medium spicy flavoured olive oil is produced by grinding our 100% Italian olives together with habanero and aji amarillo peppers.



Sensory profile

This flavoured olive oil is the result of the winning combination of high quality olives and spicy chillies of the Habanero and Aji Amarillo varieties. This oil wraps and delights your palate with its medium spiciness. The regular use of this dressing will allow you to benefit from the properties of capsaicin, the active component of chili peppers known to stimulate the digestive system and blood circulation. The presence of Vitamin C promotes antioxidant effects beneficial to the human body.

Recommended use:

Excellent for the preparation of sauces, pizza and bruschette, legume soups, grilled vegetables and meat, and whenever you want to give a touch of liveliness to your food.

Nutrition Facts
Servings size: 100 g
Calories899 Kcal / 3.762 kj
Total Fat99,90 g
    saturated Fat14,46 g
Total Carbohydrate0,00 g
    sugars0,00 g
Protein0,00 g
Salt0,00 g

Additional information

Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

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